2016 Annual report: Support governance for the sustainability of Togo

ANCE-Togo 2016 annual report illustrates the scope of activities carried out and the outcomes achieved in various projects. In 2016, more than 80% of our activities were focused on governance.

Hence, regarding governance in water and sanitation sector, ANCE-Togo established the « Track-Togo » project which consisted in supporting the promotion of transparency in public procurements and the fight against corruption in this sector and the creation of a platform and dynamic map of project sites in this sector. Besides, ANCE-Togo carried out many awareness activites such us capacity buildings and advocacy for the fight against corruption and the implementation at national level international instruments to fight against corruption.

Our environmental governance & the fight against fauna and flora criminality program knew also very good outcomes with the arrest of 17 traffickers during 13 operations organized and 13 other traffickers sentenced for illicit trafficking in protected wildlife species.

The governance & public health program supported the implementation of the decree on smoking ban in public places and communities actions to fight against pest in Baguida.

In 2016, ANCE-Togo adopted a new strategic plan 2016-2020 which has been focused on four basic strategic priorities: (1) Good economic governance, citizen engagement and the fight against corruption; (2) Governance & Sustainable Environmental Management; (3) Governance & Public Health; (4) Governance & Water, Hygiene & Sanitation.

The implementation of this new strategic plan brought changes in the organization structure with the creation of new departments and the acquiring of new working environment

For more click here to download ANCE-Togo 2016 annual report ICI

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