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Climate negociations: ANCE-Togo presents COP 22 results to the media

Shortly after the COP 22 meeting held in Marrakech from November 7 to 18, 2016 and gathering 196 States who discussed about climate change issues, ANCE-Togo new headquarters were invaded by hundred of journalists looking for information concerning COP 22 results. Ratified by 111 countries, emitting more than three-quarters of greenhouse gases release in the planet, Paris Agreement will surely be operational from 2020.

Many journalists invaded ANCE-Togo new headquarters just after the COP 22 meeting was ended for the purpose to collect information about the COP 22 results. Indeed, the National television TVT granted 55 mn to ANCE-Togo Executive Director during the TV program called « Thoughts » to talk about the results of the COP 22. Furthermore, many media as online ECO Conscience TV, New World TV, TV7 and several radios and online press have successively granted also interview to the Executive Director for the same goal.

In an accessible language but in traditional franchise, ANCE-Togo Executive Director Dr. Ebeh Kodjo Fabrice had presented the results of the COP 22 to all journalists. He thought the results should be actions results but according to him, the results were rather mitigated.

After Paris COP, Marrakech COP was announced as action COP but Dr. Ebeh K. Fabrice thought Marrakech COP did not meet people expectations. He clearly explained to journalists that fewer decisions were taken and the results were summarized as follow:

All the State members supported Paris Agreement

Despite some disappointments, a strong message emerged from the COP 22: «the first important message was the fact that many countries supported Paris agreement», said Laurence Tubiana, climate negociations ambassador. The election of Donald Trump, USA climate-sceptic president has no effect on the COP 22 smooth progress. Entered into force on November 4, no country rejected Paris agreement even Saudi Arabia. Ratified by 111 countries emitting more than three-quarters of greenhouse gases release in the planet, Paris Agreement will surely be operational from 2020.

The launch of 2050 strategies platform

Besides Paris Agreement, each country is committed to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases in the form of « Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) ». The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) recalled in a report published just before the opening of the conference this is currently submitting us under hot temperature trajectory from 2.9 to 3.4 °C by the end of this century. This is not sufficient. In Togo the INDCs is 11.14% (reduction level/unconditional target) and 31.14% (reduction level/conditional target). The COP fixed the agenda over the coming year. Therefore, 2018 will be crucial because the objectives of the reduction greenhouse gases emissions could be increased by developed countries. For the purpose, the launch of 2050 strategies platform is promising. Some countries like Germany announced their 2050 plan (reduction of GHG emissions by 80% to 95% compare to 1990). The United Nations promised to reduce their emission by 80%.

Funding disagreement

Despite the traditional commitment of developed countries to make available 100 billion dollars to poor countries by 2020, the efficient use of these funds raises debate among countries.

Indeed, according to poor countries, even if the concerned countries allocated these funds, the distribution between funding to fight against global warming and the funding for the global warming adjustment is deemed unequal. Only 16% of these funds were allocated to global warming adjustment, meaning the dam construction or the over rising of habits.

The launch of AAA initiatives

The initiative AAA (African Agriculture Adjustment), driven by Morocco, was also launched but it did not meet people consensus and it was criticized by some NGOs

For more information click on the following links to access the interviews granted to some televisions and online press publication:

  1. Emission sur la COP22 Télévision nationale (TVT):

    https://youtu.be/ikD0MxmwurQ (Première partie)

    https://youtu.be/t9A0fY6CIRs (Deuxième partie)

    https://youtu.be/hezzPNN6_Is (troisième partie)

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