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ANCE-Togo congratulates the government for appointing members of High Authority for the Fight against Corruption

The Council of Ministers adopted on January 3, 2017, a decree appointing members of High Authority for the Fight against Corruption and related offences. ANCE-Togo congratulates the government for this appointment and looks forward to cooperating closely with this institution to fight efficiently against corruption in Togo.

Togo government adopted a decree in the Council of Ministers on January 3, 2017 by appointing seven (7) members of High Authority for the Fight against Corruption and related offences (HALCIA). They are Wiyao Essohanam, Folivi Assiongbon, Mme Tchémi Mba, Mme Ayena Akossiwa, Koudjo Ayayi, Mr. Arouna Lardja and Mr. Aladou Agouta, a representative of Anti-Corruption Network established and coordinated by ANCE-Togo. According to the Minister of Communication’s communiqué issued on the occasion, this appointment decree is a solution established by the government to strengthen the fight against corruption through the creation of autonomous and independent administrative authority for the prevention of corruption and active cooperation with judicial institution, responsible for repression.
Under 2014 law establishing HALCIA, seven members composed this institution: the President of the republic appoints four members among whom the President of the institution, the president of National Assembly appoints one member, the Speaker of the Senate appoints one member and the president of the court of auditors appoints also one member. The three other members of HALCIA are personalities not belonging to the administration. They are appointed by decree for three years renewable only once. This decree makes functional the institution whose members formally sworn in on February 7, 2017.

Article 1 of the law establishing the high authority, grants this institution an independent administrative authority to promote and strengthen the prevention and the fight against corruption and related offences in administrations, government institutes, private companies and non-governmental organizations. It enjoys administrative and financial autonomy. The article 2 of the law states the attributions of this institution which is to implement training actions; ensure compliance; regular assessment of legal instruments and administrative measures to fight corruption, in particular through indicators and statistical analysis; ensure that government and private’s organization adopt staff training policy, code of conducts, compliance and audit procedures to ensure transparency and integrity in publics procurements and business contracts; cooperate with competent judicial authorities; broadcast and disseminate laws and good practices; promote governance system that forecast conflicts of interest, illegal enrichment or any act of corruption.
Dr. EBEH Fabrice, ANCE-Togo Executive Director, in a communiqué issued on January 4, had congratulated Togo government for such nomination and assured the government the availability of ANCE-Togo to working with this high institution in order to meet target sustainable development objectives, particularly the effective fight against corruption in Togo. He welcomed the fact that this institution contrarily to the former National Commission to fight corruption does not have police or repression power but the duty to cooperate with competent judicial authorities and some members belong also to CSOs and media.

For the nomination decree click HERE
To get the law establishing the High Authority click HERE

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