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Community drugs control in Togo: ANCE, NADC & CADCA launch activities in Lomé

The Community of Anti-Drug Coalition of America (CADCA) established and implement community drugs control approach in more than 23 countries in the world. In the perspective to implement the same approach in Togo, NGO ANCE-Togo, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Security and Civil Protection to National Anti Drug Committee (NADC), implement this pilot project in two communities in Lomé. The first training occurred on January 9 to 10, 2017 in Agbalépédogan at ANCE-Togo head office and on January 11 to 12, 201è at kégué at Hotel le Plaisir.

This capacity building workshop for volunteers of pilot initiative of community drugs coalitions to prevent troubles related to psychoactive substances use in these two communities is part of series of 11 modules of development capacity building for volunteers.

The main objective of this workshop is to promote the prevention and control illicit drugs, alcohol abuse and tobacco use within communities.
The specific objectives are: (i) build capacity of 70 to 80 volunteers of Agbalépédogan and Kégué communities on key elements of community coalition development mainly community diagnosis, community capacity building, planification of actions, implementation of strategies/actions and evaluation and (ii) provide logistic and material assistance to coalitions’ training process.
To allow communities to establish coalitions to prevent drugs use troubles, CADCA implement a strategy based on: The diagnostic which means collecting data to define the troubles, the resources and the capability of the specific geographical area to answer its needs and fulfill its shortcoming, the capability: that is to say being able of gathering and/or reinforcing the capability of a specific geographical area to answer its needs; the planification which means developing a global strategic plan including a political vision, programs and practices that would create a logical plan and that would be supported by data collection in order to solve specific trouble identified in the diagnostic; the implementation, which is the concrete programs, policies, prevention practices application, based on empirical data; the evaluation, which means measuring the SPF impact, its programs, policies and practices; and finally durability which aims at maintaining activities includes in the strategic plan.
During these two days trainings in each community, volunteers from 12 sectors: teenagers/youths, parents, businesses and trade, media, public and private schools, organizations working with youths, civic groups, health professionals, government organization, church leaders, justice, and NGO fighting against drug use participated actively to CADCA training by two experts Mr. Benoit DAGADU and Dr EDWARD Hernandez
Participants were trained on the following modules: (i) overview of prevention and coalition’s capacity building and (ii) community diagnosis. This training allow volunteers to understand community coalition notion, prevention strategies, the merits of community diagnosis in order to identify drugs use, places of consumption and people consuming it in the two communities.
The trainers were very happy for the lively atmosphere during the training, debates and group work session which facilitate training and experience sharing.
It is important to notice that this volunteers training is part of upcoming training.
ANCE-Togo executive Director Dr. EBEH Fabrice opens the ceremonies, followed by traditional leaders of Agbalépédogan and Kégué welcome addresses, CADCA representative, NADC Permanent Secretary, AMAYI Kossi, the representative of the Ministry of Security and Civil Protection Lieutenant Colonel BARAGOU Bamana who opened the two workshops.

Dr. EBEH Fabrice, ANCE-Togo Executive Director was delighted for the quality of the training and the expertise of CADCA trainers during the trainings. He expressed his gratitude to the representative of the Minister of Security and Civil Protection an NADC for the confidence to his organization to steer and implement this project in Togo. He assured his commitment to supporting government efforts to control drugs I Togo. He thereafter urged participants to well use the knowledge they have gained to promote healthy and drug free community in Togo.

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