ANCE, CNAD and CADCA build the capacity of anti-drugs coalitions

The Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE) in collaboration with Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America (CADCA) and the National Anti-drug Committee (CNAD) continue anti-drugs community coalitions’ capacity building on the prevention of problems related to drug use in Lomé, through a workshop organized respectively on June 27 to 28, 2017 at ANCE-Togo head office for Agbalépédogan coalition and June 29, 2017 at Hotel Mémorialfor Kélégougan coalition.

Financially and technically supported by CADCA, this workshop is the third phase of volunteers’ capacity building on anti-drugs communities’ coalition pilot initiative to prevent drugs use in Agbalépédogan and Kégué districts.

The main objective of this training is to promote prevention and fight against illicit drugs, alcohol abuse and tobacco use among these two communities. Specifically, the training aimed at: (i) building the capacity of 70 to 80 volunteers from both communities on the modules « door-to-door visits » and « comprehensive strategies »; (ii) provide logistics and materiel at the sequence of coalitions training. The two experts from CADCA, Mr. Benoît DAGADU and Dr. Eduardo HERNANDEZ, were the trainers of the modules during the whole training sessions. More than 80 volunteers coming from the twelve sectors identified in both communities have participated at this third phase of the training.

This training enables all participants to acquire a comprehensive knowledge on seven strategies to change communities and basic notions to help them establish relationship with resident of their districts, look for potential leaders, carry out a diagnostic of what is happening in their communities, and/or obtain the support of work that should be done in their communities.

The workshop started with Dr. EBEH Fabrice ANCE-Togo executive director welcome address, then followed by CADCA representatives introductory words and Mr. BOHM Komlan, vice permanent secretary of CNAD opened the ceremonies. Both experts from CADCA were delighted for the enthusiasm, dynamism and friendly climate that prevail during the whole training. They urged volunteers to be more active for the coming modules which will be organized very soon.

The workshop was ended by Dr. EBEH Fabrice closing words who also have appreciated participants’ commitment to follow with great interest to the training and he asked them to use it to meet the target objectives which are building healthy and drug free society in Togo.

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