ANCE starts implementing the project EU/fight against corruption

ANCE-Togo received the financial support from European Union Delegation in Lomé to implement an ambitious 36 months project aiming at supporting Togo government efforts in fighting corruption. During this month, our team would like to propose you activities carried out within the framework of this project.

In the framework of this project, the first activity carried out concerns the project staff recruitment. Immediately after the signing of the convention with the EU, ANCE-Togo announced application for job opportunity in social media. Nearly 150 applications were received, interviewed were made and the successful applicants will join our team on August 1, 2017.

The second activity concerns a meeting with journalists and the creation of partnership with some media. Indeed, ANCE-Togo has requested and obtained journalists approval during a meeting held on June 29, 2017 at its head office in Agbalépédogan Lomé. The discussions were focused on partnership modalities and forms of support to journalists with the intention to maximize the chances to meet the expected outcomes. All journalists present at the meeting have totally agreed on the project and confirmed their support and commitment to forthcoming activities.

The third activity concerns invitation to tender for equipments purchasing. According to our administrative, financial and accounting procedures manual, a tendering file was elaborated and published on our web site and social media in four lots including Lot 1 for the purchase of vehicle 4 X 4; Lot 2 purchase of motorbikes; Lot 3 the purchase of hardware and Lot 4 the purchase of professional camera and twelve digital-cameras. At least four suppliers by category submitted their documents which were revised in accordance with our procedures manual and facilitated us to select approved suppliers. Currently 90% of the equipments were already delivered. This invitation tender helped ANCE-Togo to obtain a cost-saving on this budget heading.

Note that this project referred to as “Pilot program of lawsuit to fight against corruption (PPAJCR)”, aims at supporting Togo government efforts to fight against corruption through several activities, including lawsuit against financial criminals. Specifically, this project has three objectives: (1) Build the capacity of the NGO ANCE-Togo accredited as National Contact for Transparency International; (2) Inform and train stakeholders on the instruments of fight and good practices; (3) Support motion of legal lawsuit against corruption in Togo, the dissemination of penal code and a legal guide on how to introduce a lawsuit against a corruption.

The president of ANCE-Togo Board of Directors, Rev. Father NIPAPE said he was honored to entrust his institution and reaffirm his determination and the commitment of all the staff to meet target objectives.

Fore more:

  • Upload staff recruitment application file here
  • Upload the file for invitation to tender here
  • Upload tender’s assessment report (Not yet available, please check later)

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