ANCE-Togo pleads for good governance in IT sectors

On March 15, 2017 the world celebrated the 34th World Consumer Rights Day. The theme of the year is: « the Consumer at the digital age ». For the occasion, ANCE-Togo organized a press conference at its head office in Lomé.

Governance in New Information and Communication technologies (NICTs) is facing serious problems in Togo although different efforts of Togo government in this sector for some years. Indeed, many law and decrees were voted to regulate this sector. Among which, the law n°2013-003 regarding the modification of the law n°2012-018 of December 17, 2012 on electronic communication; the law n° 2012-001 on investment code in Togo. Furthermore, many implementing decrees were adopted for an effective implementation of these laws and mainly the decree n°2014-088-PR regarding legal system of electronic communication; the decree n°2003-135-PR on modalities to provide universal postal service; the decree n°2015-91-PR relative of the organization and the operationalization of ARCEP; the decree n°2014-112/PR on interconnection and access of communications networks.

In Togo, the telecommunication market is mainly driven by four operators. In recent years, notably from 2011 to 2015 these mobile phone operators made a turnover of 200 billion FCFA. Over the same period the market penetration rate is 70% for mobile and 7.14% for internet and reached nearly 5millions people with subscribers’ growth rate of 85% over the same period. Since 2000, the growth rate for direct jobs has known more than 50% significant increase. To promote this sector, Togo government initiated and has achieved many works as the identification of telecoms subscribers according to the decree n°2011-120 of July 6, 2011; the connection of Togo to international bandwidth (WACS); the attribution of 4G licenses for mobile high broadband network.

ANCE-Togo, while appreciating government efforts to regulate NICTs in Togo, notes with regret that this sector is facing serious problems which are hindrance to Togo sustainable development. The consumer is continually victimized of many abuses such as poor quality of service (internet, mobile, fix). The cost of service is still high but the quality of internet connection is very bad. In addition there is a lack of information on service and operators’ products, there is also too much delay in solving subscribers worries. Finally, two operators monopolize mobile service and they jointly fixed high price for products and services for the misleading of consumers and the poor regulation.

ANCE-Togo Executive Director, Dr. EBEH K. Fabrice exhorted Togo government to accelerate reform for better governance of NICTs in Togo. ANCE-Togo considered that the opening of market competition is necessary to boost NICTs sector in Togo

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