Campaign to fight against abusive mining

Campaign to fight against abusive exploitation of phosphates in Togo

Phosphate exploitation in Togo was not ecologically carried out in a rational manner and this exploitation caused many environmental dommages on the exploitation sites. Consequences linked to this exploitation are very big.
To resolve this issue and promote rational management of phosphate in Togo, the ANCE undertook many activities among which, data collection, lobbying and advocacy to promote the legislative and regulatory framework for tobacco control in Togo.

  1. Data collection on the impact of phosphate exploitation in Togo
    The data collection was carried out in Hahotoe-Kpogamé for three months. It helped to realize that the abusive exploitation of phosphate caused at the same time economics, social and environmental serious problems to resolve.
    Read the executive summary of the study HERE
  2. Advocacy activities
    The ANCE undertook lobbying and advocacy activities to promote the legislative and regulatory framework for tobacco control in Togo. ANCE organized many meetings with ASIPTO it local partner. These two organizations met Togo authorities and local government and they discussed about the need to promote favorable and environmental justice framework. Among authorities met, we can mention the Ministry of energy and mining, some Member of Parliaments (MPs) and several CSOs.
    These lobbying activities helped the State to start building infrastructure in the concerned villages, but ANCE and its partner ASIPTO esteem that many efforts remain to carry out in the area in order to promote the sustainable development of these communities. Lobbying activities are still in progress till the total obtention of demands containing in the memorandum elaborated in agreement with local partners.
  3. Capacity building of local stakeholders
    ANCE carried out many capacity building workshops on the local communities’ right, clean environment right, right to health, right to local sustainable development etc. More than 1,500 local stakeholders were trained.
  4. Local stakeholders networking
    The ANCE supports the creation of local stakeholders’ network named ASIPTO animated by local stakeholders in the 15 villages of the phosphate exploitation sites. ANCE supports technically and financially ASIPTO to accomplish many advocacy activities for the communities’ compensation, the resolving of social problems caused by phosphate exploitations, the mitigation of environmental impacts etc.