Conference to launch the project Pilot program of lawsuit to fight corruption

Within the framework of European Union Delegation support, ANCE implement ambitious project aiming at carrying out many activities as information, stakeholders’ capacity buildings and court actions against corruption offenders and accomplices.

For the implementation of this project, an inaugural conference is planned on August 29, 2017. Among participants, prominent figures such as Ambassador and Chief of European Union’s Delegation to Togo, the president of High Authority to fight corruption, a representative of national chapters of Transparency International, and many institutions of Togo and media already confirmed their participation. About hundred people will participate to this important conference.

This conference will focus on three main objectives: (1) Inform stakeholders and recipients on the existence by insisting on the project objectives, activities and expected outcomes; (2) develop/strengthen partnership with stakeholders to meet target objectives; and (3) provide public visibility of the project activities through information dissemination with media and other partners.

For more, upload following draft documents:

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