The European Union and Agence nationale de volontariat signed an agreement

The delegation of European Union and Togo ministry of development planification had signed on October 11, 2017 a partnership agreement with the Agence Nationale de Volontariat of Togo (ANVT) to make available local volunteers on projects financed by European Union.

Basing on Togo experienced which has developed many initiatives to offer training opportunities, employment and financial support to youths, the European Union (EU) would like to put also youths in the center of its inclusive and sustainable development globally, within all its new programs and development policies. It is in  this perspective that the theme of African Union-European Union summit of 29 to 30 November 2017 in Abidjan will be «Invest in youth». Note that in prelude of this summit took place Afro-Europe youth summit which had gathered more than hundred youth leaders across Africa and Europe, around a theme « Invest in youth for sustainable future ». As a result, EU youth oriented issues fit very well with the programs of ANVT selected among 13 innovating initiatives across Africa and Europe and was presented at Youth summit on October 9.

This partnership agreement EU/ANVT will help mobilize by the end of 2018 hundred youth volunteers who will acquire rich working experience and bring their contribution in projects financed by EU such as energy, water and sanitation, justice, decentralization, environment, public finance management and health, by integrating different government institutions, state owned enterprises, local communities and CSOs. For gender purposes, female applications will be highly encouraged.

The minister of local community development, crafts industry, youths and youths employment; the Minister of development planification and the EU ambassador present at this ceremony expressed their gratitude toward the current partnership which will reinforce the national volunteers program offered by Togo government under the management of ANVT. “We can’t find fair and pertinent answers to youths needs without implying them. Working for them is not enough. We should work with them. It is in this spirit we wish to establish the partnership with ANVT.” Said the EU ambassador.

The NGO ANCE-Togo in charge of implementing the project of economic governance and the fight against corruption financed by EU is willing to welcome also volunteers within the framework of this partnership with ANVT to support the implementation of its activities.

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