The European Union equipped ANCE-Togo with working tools

Within the framework of implementing the pilot project of actions in justice to fight corruption in Togo, the president of ANCE board of directors, the executive director and the staff received modern working equipment on August 17, 2017 from European Union Delegation.

In the view to build the operational capacity of l’Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs & de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo), the EU project supported also the purchase of working materials such as accounting software, a car (brand Fortuner), 4 field motorcycles, 12 laptops and 4 printers. The purchase of professional camera as well as 10 digital cameras is delaying due to difficulties to find the appropriate brand on our local markets. ANCE contacts foreign market and very soon the rest of the materials will be delivered.

It is in a trustworthy and gratitude atmosphere granted to European Union that the president of ANCE board of Directors, Rev. Father NIPAPE Daniel, the executive director, Dr. EBEH Fabrice and all his staff received this important working tools in ANCE head office in Lomé. After a blessing ceremony of these materials by the Father NIPAPE who invoked divine grace on these working tools, he addressed a vibrant homage to EU for their support to acquire these materials and finally exhorted the staff to use them carefully in order to meet the expected outcomes of the project. For Dr. EBEH Fabrice, the executive director, he urged his employees to be serious and encouraged them to work hard for the success of the project.

It is important to remind that these equipments were purchase through a very long and competitive process call for tender according to ANCE procedures in force.

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