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Gender and Water

Promotion of the right to water and sanitation in Togo

Project Context

Togo, the project area is a small country in West Africa which is one of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). More than 60% of Togo’s population lives below the poverty line. Togo has abundant water resources with annual average of between 3000 and 3800 m3 of water per year and per person. Despite this very favorable situation in water resources availability, according to the DGEA / AFD inventory conducted in 2006, drinking water supply rate is 30% in rural area, and 29% in semi-urban area. In urban area (county towns and sub-prefectures), the water supply rate is estimated at 39% (44% in Lome, the capital city). The national average of the water supply rate is 34%.

Despite the ratification of several international and regional legal instruments recognizing the right to water by Togo, 39% of the population lacks access to safe drinking water. At the internal legal field internalizing this right, there is no instrument; but the internalization of this right would have allowed its claim by citizens and promote the implementation of the Right to Water in Togo.

The overall objective of the project is to promote the right to water and access to drinking water for all and hence, public health through adoption and enforcement of legislative and regulation measures.

Specific objectives

1. Information and awareness raising among stakeholders on the concept of the right to drinking water through media campaigns in French and local languages in the five economic regions of Togo;

2. Capacity building of government decision-makers and civil society organizations concerned with the “right to water” issues;

3. Development of lobbying and advocacy with the Government (Ministries and the Parliament) for amendment of the Togolese Constitution by integrating the right to water in national legislation and ensure its implementation.

The main project activities are:

Press conference organization with journalists on the concept of the right to water and sanitation;

Organization of several radio and television programmes on the concept of right to water and sanitation;

Organization of training workshops for State stakeholders and the civil society;

Development of lobbying and advocacy for the integration and implementation of the right to water and sanitation in the Togolese Constitution.