Governance & Infrastructures

The water and sanitation program of ANCE is currently based in Tchamba prefecture (North Togo). 90% of people in that area are basically famers and higher rate of illiteracy is found among Tchamba population.
Infant mortality rates are very high due to inadequate medical care and lack of hygiene. Five years before, 146 deaths were recorded over 1000 in these villages. Endemic diseases such as malaria, cholera and diarrhea diseases kill 36% child less than 5 years. In addition, only 34.35% of households in 2011 had access to adequate sanitation services in Togo and the abuse use of chemical products in agriculture causes a higher soil pollutions and serious intoxications. To deal will this situation, ANCE initiated a vast program covering both water governance and infrastructures.
The activities
• The schedule activities for the implementation of the project were information, education and communication (IEC) for the good practices in using drinking water and hygiene sanitation;
• The construction of human-operated well drilling and wells;
• The construction of ECOSAN latrines equiped with hand-washing;
• The construction of individual latrines;
• Recipients’ capacity building on good governance, good management of infrastructure;
• The valorization of organic fertilizers obtained from ECOSAN latrines usage;
• The setting up of local committee of follow up.

The expected outcomes

• The population good understanding of problems related to water and sanitation (5000 people were sensitized and informed);
• The sustainable access to water installation is enhanced (50 new human-operated water drillings were carried out in 30 villages;
• Sanitation infrastructure were enhanced (110 ECOSAN latrines and 220 hand-washing machines were built through sanitation approach piloted the communities (ATPC);
• 50 committees (committees of water and latrines management committees) exist and their capacity were built for good management of infrastructure and the construction of latrines in villages.