ancetogo-PCA The Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo) is a sustainable development NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and has an official Program-Agreement with Togo government.
ANCE-Togo is created since 1999 and currently the organization is present on all fronts. From biodiversity conservation through the control of illicit trafficking in wildlife and flora species, the promotion of public health, water and sanitation, the fight against corruption, the sustainable agriculture and the protection of consumers it appears clearly that ANCE is finally a gift from God to Togo
The achievements are very impressive: thousands of citizens have their capacity built on one or other field of our activities, dozens of law or decrees were adopted, thousands of families access to drinking water, others got sanitations, better protection of the biodiversity through a good implementation of the law on wildlife and flora species, our technical and financial partners were broaden. But far from satisfactory, our ambition is to push still further by supporting the disadvantaged groups of society who required social assistance to work toward more equitable, just and prosperous world.
With your support, I hope we will still go further.
Rev. Father Daniel NIPAPE
Chairman of the Board of Directors