OGNIBO Adjo Chantal

OGNIBO-CHANTAL-MINI Madam OGNIBO is the General Treasurer of the board of Director of ANCE-Togo. He holds a Master degree in Development Sociology at the University of Lomé-Togo and a diploma in Management and Monitoring of development project at IFORD Lomé Togo. Earlier she was project manager at ATCA (Africa Tobacco Control Alliance) within the framework of the project “Support different Ministries of Health in WAEMU countries for the purpose to build an alliance against NCDs so that WAEMU countries integrate tobacco control and NCDs into their health strategies” a project financed by CTFK (Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids-USA). Madam OGNIBO is commissioned to communities’ health projets within Cercle des Amis pour l’Humanitaire en Afrique (CAHA) where she was in charge of elaborating and implementing projects to fight against tobacco use, hygiene and sanitation. She was also in charge of programs and communication training for a change in behavior in health and development projects at the NGO ILEMA.