The ANCE is organized into six departments: Environment, Investigation, health, governance and anti-corruption, communication and finally legal.

 The governance department is currently in charge of anti-corruption, the promotion of transparency and integrity in public and private sector. It develops and implements communications tools for a change in behavior, stakeholders’ capacity buildings; logistic and technical support to carry out arrest operations of criminals and for legal and judicial support. 
Investigations department carry out field surveys on corruption case (in general) or on illicit trafficking in wildlife and flora species with the support of governmental agences in order to organize the operation arrest of criminals. Our investigators were highly trained and equiped with sophisticated survey instruments. We provide also logistic support for the realization of these operations. We collaborate with many specialized institutions such as the Ministry of Security (OCTRIB), judicial police and investigating magistrates.  
 The environmental department is currently in charge of programs related to the fight against wildlife and flora criminality, climate change and chemical products. The project wildlife and flora law enforcement (TALFF) has it own website for more click HEREThis department conducts many activities like lobbying and advocacy with Togo government in order to choose better policy on these issues for the promotion of better environment management in Togo. The ANCE-Togo undertakes lobbying and advocacy activities with Ministries, National Assembly, state technical services and media to promote the integration of international conventions and guiding principles of international environmental law into the national legislation. This department is composed of five (5) staffs highly qualified. 
 This department carries out firstly activities to control NCDs and mainly tobacco control and diabetes. In addition, it focuses on public health promotion (hands washing, cholera control), integrated water resources management for the protection of public health. The ANCE-Togo facilitates the access to drinking water for all through the construction clean water drilling in villages, the promotion of gender approach in the management of water resources, the promotion of legislation, research and training on irrigation techniques for the advancement of rural farming activities and the sanitation programs. 
 The communication department develops communication tools for sensitization activities, organization’s general communication strategy, the planification and the execution of visible activities of the organization and projects; the integration of new information and communication technologies (IT).
 The legal department support ANCE-Togo on all legal questions, including issues related to illicit trafficking in wildlife and flora species, on all forms corruption cases and all kinds of multinationals abuses. ANCE elaborates legal advices, technical legal factsheets of cases to enlighten law practitioners (lawyers, bailiffs, state administrative officers, etc.) furthermore, ANCE supports also the elaboration of legal technical factsheets and infringement reports and we pledge for lawsuits in case of corruption against corrupt agents. This department is composed of six (6) lawyers highly qualified in many specialized fields of law. ANCE collaborates with the Ministry of security (OCTRIB), Judicial Police and many accredited embassy to Togo.