Our Programs

Our Programs

Our various projects relate to sustainable development programs


This program includes activities regarding the fight against corruption; the promotion of citizen participation in managing public affairs and transparency in public procurement, the monitoring of budgetary implementation and the development of citizens’ budget. The program also includes track-project systems that consist in monitoring projects concerning water & sanitation.



The governance & health is twofold program: tobacco control including the adoption of legal texts, the monitoring of its implementation. The second aspect is relative to establishing drug free communities through diagnosis, capacity building, the creation of community coalitions, the prevention of drug use among youths and teenagers and the fight against trafficking in drugs.


The governance & environment program deals with the fight against environmental criminalities and the enforcement of fauna and flora law. Our operation consists in surveying and investigating, capacity building of stakeholders, provide legal and judicial assistance, communication, advocacy and stakeholders’ networking for environmental governance in Togo

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