The population of kaboli sensitized on drugs abuse

The Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo) in collaboration with the Association Odin Amoun (ASSODA) had organized from April 12 to 13, 2017, public awareness campaign targeting youths of Kaboli canton on « dangers undermining drugs use ».

Kaboli canton is located at central region exactly 35 km from Tchamba prefecture. Drug addiction phenomenon is seriously increasing among youths who use drugs such as cocaine, tramadole, alcohol, cigarette etc. The main reasons of these practices among youth are as follow: curiosity, easy access, poverty, idleness and bad friends.

Conscious of negative impact of drugs addiction on socio-economic, sanitary and sustainable development level in Togo, ANCE had organized this sensitization action aiming at raising awareness of kaboli population and its surrounding villages especially youths and teenagers on the risk they are facing through drug use. Speakers had insisted on several diseases these youths and teenagers can have when consuming drugs. Among which, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, amputations, sexual impotence, esophagitis, dental problems, premature births or stillborn babies, mental disorders and even death etc.

With their expertise, the nurses of Kaboli had supported also this sensitization campaign by providing useful advice and ways to quite drug use. During discussion with youths and teenagers, couple with presentation and films-screening showing images of people suffering from drug use and drug harmfulness, the latter promise to sensitize their fellows and parents through information spreading. Linking words and deeds, they have organized themselves into small groups to carry out sensitization activities in the surrounding villages. These actions are intended to eradicate or diminish drug addiction scourge among youths and teenagers in Kaboli.

Mr. Akindjo Oniankpo Henry, president of Odin Amoun Association before launching dental and eyes diseases campaign, addressed his gratitude to Dr. EBEH Fabrice, ANCE Executive Director for his determination and commitment in backing government on the promotion of public health issues in Togo.

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