Tobacco Control Project

The global tobacco epidemic is a major concern for world leaders and in particular for Togo authorities. Currently tobacco use kills six million people every year and if nothing is done, eight million will pass away every year among which 70% in developing countries like Togo. Tobacco control program was initiated since 2004 and has become permanent program with many components of activities as follow:
• Sensitization and stakeholders’ information on dangers related to tobacco use: through communities’ radio, TV, newspapers and new technologies (website, facebook, twitter etc.)
• The promotion of legal and regulatory framework: ANCE supported financially and technically all national law adoption processes against tobacco use (law n°2010-017), the adoption of five implementing decrees and five executives orders;
• Stakeholders’ capacity building: ANCE in collaboration with the ministry of health financed capacity building workshop in five region of Togo on tobacco control and its implementing decrees ;
• The support to the implementation of smoke free law and its implementing decrees (ban on smoking in public places, ban on advertisement, health warning on cigarettes packets etc.)