TOGO: ANCE accredited National Contact of Transparency International

Since July 3, 2017, ANCE-Togo become officially Transparency International (TI) National Contact in Togo. The Convention of National Contact awaited for longtime, was finally approved by TI to total satisfaction of ANCE-Togo governing board.

It is long to wait, but finally the good news came out. ANCE becomes officially TI National Contact in Togo. Indeed, in a letter addressed to the President of ANCE board of Directors, Rev. Father NIPAPE, the Executive Director of TI, Madam Robin Hodess, announced the good news. After awaiting 15 months, ANCE-Togo is officially accredited “National Contact” of Transparency International in Togo, for 2 years.

TI has adopted a progressive affiliation status. The current status enables ANCE to actively participate to TI activities particularly to members’ meeting without voting right. This agreement will expire after or TI has extended the signed agreement for a period of one year maximum.

The Rev. Father Daniel NIPAPE, the president of ANCE-Togo Board of Directors, has appreciated this « historical decision » and said he is « deeply honored for this international recognition» which attests efforts of his organization to promote good governance and the fight against corruption in Togo. Furthermore, he prayed Divine Grace to achieve this extremely delicate and noble mission.

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