photo_2016-01-15_11-16-34 The special unit of the Ministry of Security (OCRTIBD) in collaboration with ANCE/TALFF had arrested a trafficker of shark fins at Hilla-Condji (Togo-Benin) boarder.
The special unit of the Ministry of Security in collaboration with ANCE/TALFF had arrested at Hilla-Condji Mr. AKASSA Koffi, a Ghanaian living at Sèmè (Nigeria). The offender left Nigeria and was going to his home country Ghana with a bag full of illegal fins of shark weighing 79.20 Kg.
The first investigation proved that the offender Mr AKASSA Koffi was a fisherman at Sèmè (Nigeria) for many years and he practices this activity illegally against the Nigeria national laws and the international norms with regard to the protection of emblematic endangered species.
Usually, Mr. AKASSA comes back home with some sea products as shark fins. Investigation carried out by ANCE/TALFF project team in collaboration with the security forces have helped to control the itinerary of the trafficker and located him when he was about to cross Hilla-Condji (Togo-Benin) boarder.
The detention, the circulation and the exportation of shark fins are banned and punished according to the articles 87 and 127 of the forest code, the articles 61, 62, and 154 of the environmental framework law. As a matter of fact, and by the law enforcement, the offender can be jailed for 2 years and paid a fine amounting 5 millions without damages.

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  1. Togo’s efforts to prosecute its international ivory trafficker are all the more unusual because none of the large-scale ivory moving through the country is believed to be from its native elephants.